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Even though participants in ChallengeMD! 2009 Beach2Border have managed to raise the magnificent sum of $17,898 so far, the MDA is still seeking further support to advance support and information services and to further the current research being undertaken. Both these initiatives will have a significant impact on members of the MD Community.

You can sponsor a Rider of your choice by a straight donation. You decide how much you want to contribute toward the important work of the MDA. Once you have decided to proceed, click on the "Sponsor Rider " button adjacent to a selected rider to transfer to our secure transaction server. And be very aware every cent or dollar that you contribute toward every step we take, will bring us one step closer! You CAN help in the Fight Muscular Dystrophy Campaign with your sponsorship.

Interested in corporate sponsorship of the event, through naming rights of the event, or leg of the Ride? If so, please visit our Sponsorship page or contact the Executive Director at MDA on 61 3 9320 9555.

Donations and Sponsorship can be remitted directly into the MD bank account.

Banking Details:

Account Name Muscular Dystrophy - ChallengeMD BSB 083 376 Account 86852 9099





Wayne Nelson

Rider - 91

Rider - Wayne  Nelson

Profile - Nelson Concepts

I am 34 years old and this is my second cycle for MDA.

I commenced riding in 2006 training for the ChallengeMD! 2006 Vietnam and have continued the interest ever since.

I look forward to this event and hope to raise as much funds as possible to aid in the research of MD.

My drive for this ride is to give Ben every opportunity possible.

I am married to Nicole and have 3 wonderful children.  Ashleigh, Jaimee and Charlie, and we live in Berwick. 

Current Sponsorship - $3,370

Danny Credlin

Rider - 92

Rider - Danny Credlin

Profile - Company Director

44yrs old

 Here I was at the start of the year sitting on the banks of the Murray river with this half arse idea to ride to the border!!! Look what has come of it after talking to a few blokes!! First there was Two or Three of us riding then Ten, and now there's Thirty of us. Happily married, with 3 kids Hayden, Brenton (BJ) and Jesslyn. One is riding, well he's attempting to. And believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to doing the ride. It should be fun, and the money is going to a great cause.

Current Sponsorship - $1,215

BJ Credlin

Rider - 93

Rider - BJ Credlin

Profile - Student

Just started riding

14yrs old

 I honestly cannot believe that my old man, somehow found a way to talk me into doing this ride. How stupid can you get, ride 220 kms, or 12 hours on 50mm of padding. I mean ... i understand all of the old farts doing it because they have all lived their lives and experienced it all. But me, i don’t want to die at the age of 14, or risk having to have my butt amputated... but yet, i am still doing it. Wow my Dad is right, i am STUPID!!!!!! Anyway, i think it would be a great accomplishment if i was able to ride the Beach2Border, especially the fact that i have only recently started riding. It is also great to know that I am raising money for a real good cause. I am really looking forward to riding across the Echuca bridge and riding the final 100m. I can feel butterfly’s in my stomach just writing about it, and i just cant wait to get the ride under way.

Current Sponsorship - $360

Gavin Boromeo

Rider - 94

Rider - Gavin Boromeo

Profile -

I have a history of doing some (people-think-I'm-crazy) sporting events: Ironman WA, Rottnest Island Swim, a few 'Around The Bay's and a number of Triathlon Series in Melbourne.  My wife is research scientist at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, working on the Muscular Dystrophies.  She looked after us both whilst I selfishly trained for and competed in all these events.  Her support has not diminished since we became a family, with baby Daniel born in May (cutest boy ever).

I've entered the Beach 2 Border, and very much looking forward to it. This one will be more about what I can do for this charity, and less about personal goals. Sponsor me, and help us help the MDA.

Current Sponsorship - $735

Paul Legg

Rider - 95

Rider - Paul Legg

Profile - Project Manager - NAB

Age: 48

Wife: Kerry

3 Children Boys 21 & 18 Daughter 15

Hobbies: Any sport

I have completed Australian Ironman Triathlon 7 times as well as numerous 1/2 Ironman races. I have also completed Around the Bay 10 times with the last few being the 250km version.

I have also competed in numerous running events from 10km to marathon. Thankfully all this has been undertaken with the blessing of my wife.

Presently I am one of two coaches with Knox Triathlon Club. I am also a sports a qualified SportsTrainer with Scoresby Football Club in the EFL.

  I am undertaking the ride in the hope of raising both money and awareness of MD. It is a way that I can use what ability I have to support those that need assistance.

Current Sponsorship - $225

Peter Gray

Rider - 96

Rider - Peter Gray

Profile - Company Director - Eagle Remac

I am a 48 year old

Commenced riding 5 months ago which lasted 1 day as I fell off and broke my wrist. Now back on the treddly and churning up the km’s, like a machine.

I am happily married to Christine and have 2 kids, Alexandra & Sam

Partnering in this challenge with Colin Hoad, and together, we will blow the field out of the race

More importantly, to raise as much funds as we can & to give these kids every chance possible

Current Sponsorship - $1,375

Colin Hoad

Rider - 97

Rider - Colin Hoad

Profile - Company Director


Partner: Sherry ( her real name) not my preferred drink.

Children: Hope to one day

Have ridden the Around The Bay Charity ride twice now and competed very well.

I am really keen with my riding partner Peter Gray to win the Beach 2 Border.

I guess it has been a lifelong dream to win this one.

Current Sponsorship - $35

Grant Oliva

Rider - 99

Rider - Grant Oliva

Profile - Earthmoving Contractor

Wife:- Brony

Children:- 2 boys, Riley 11 & Luke 9.

Hobbies:- Riding, running, eating & sleeping.

I have been riding for about 7 years now & got into it to loose a bit of weight.

Fell for the sport & started racing buy recently just riding for fitness.

Riding is a great sport & a great way to meet people & stay fit.

Over the years I've done a few charity rides & runs & I'm wrapped to involved in this ride for MD research, it should be a lot of fun & a huge laugh!

Current Sponsorship - $280

Craig Lesueur

Rider - 101

Rider - Craig Lesueur

Profile -

Married to Joanne with three beautiful girls. Stephanie Maddison and Kara.

My motivation for taking this challenge is simple. Raise enough money to help find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

On a personal note, friends of ours have a young son Ben , who is in the early stages of DMD. For boys around Ben's age there is a window of opportunity to find a cure over the next 5 years. A cure within this time frame would have an enormous impact on the quality of life available.

Boys like Ben deserve a cure!

The Beach 2 Borderhas offered the opportunity for me to personally support the research quest for a cure to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Each day these young boys face challenges completing daily tasks that we take for doing for granted. The Beach 2 Border event will challenge us all both physically and mentally. It offers us all a vehicle to contribute in some way. Each dollar will make a difference towards finding a cure.

Current Sponsorship - $130

Mark Richardson

Rider - 102

Rider - Mark  Richardson

Profile -

Married to Gerrie, we have 3 awesome children, Josh 18, Matt 15 and Georgia 10

Gerrie and I rode in the ChallengeMD 2006 Vietnam. It was an amazing experience, we enjoyed the cycling so much we have continued cycling to keep fit.

On this challenge I am sharing the ride with my son Matt and we hope to raise some much needed funds for the National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre in Melbourne.

We want to make a difference and help find a cure for this debilitating disease.

Current Sponsorship - $430

Matt Richardson

Rider - 103

Rider - Matt  Richardson

Profile -

15 yrs old

Year 9 at Mazenod College, Mulgrave

Just started riding this year and loving it.

This will be my first big ride.

I play basketball, football and martial arts.

I am riding to get fitter but more importantly to help raise money for the National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre in Melbourne.

Current Sponsorship - $640

Brett Bugeja

Rider - 104

Rider - Brett  Bugeja

Profile -

I am 39 years old ,but turn 40 on the day of the ride.

I started riding in 2006 participating in the ChallengeMD! Vietnam ride and this year rode from Sydney to Melbourne in the Tour Duchenne. Since then I have continued to ride and am doing my first around the bay in October.

I am married with 3 children Lachlan, Ben and Emily . Ben was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy when he was 2, and ever since then my wife Katrina and I have been trying to make a difference and find a cure for Ben and others like him . We will never give up hope in finding a cure for this insipid disease.

We have been blessed with the help and support of family and friends and are so fortunate to have such a great network of friends, who we are forever grateful to.

Current Sponsorship - $3,552

Andrew Hartney

Rider - 105

Rider - Andrew Hartney

Profile -

I am 39 years old with a wonderful wife (Jin) and two special girls, Mikayla and Jaida. I completed ChallengeMD 2006 Vietnam with some others here.

The first time I heard Danny talk about this ride I did not think he was serious, so what a terrific effort to get to this stage.

These rides are a great way to raise money that is so in need. There are many of us here supporting Ben and it is great to have another opportunity to do so.

The rides are hard, but the memories after last a long time, so join in, or do your bit by sponsoring me to help make a difference.

Current Sponsorship - $541

Wayne Gillan

Rider - 106

Rider - Wayne  Gillan

Profile - Business Coach

Age: 51

I commenced riding around the time I turned 50 and realised I needed to proactively manage my health and fitness if I was to really enjoy the second half of my life. Cycling has proved to be a great and fun way to achieve this goal.

Married to Sue

3 kids (adults actually) Kimberly, Glenn and Luke

Live in Frankston South

Business Coach with ActionCOACH helping Business Owners to improve their business.

Current Sponsorship - $820

Ash Wright

Rider - 107

Rider - Ash  Wright

Profile -

Happily married: Wife happy, I’m married.

1 great daughter, (Brianna) 5 years old

Completed 5 Ironman triathlons and currently resting training wise, but drinking plenty of "Coronas" but more than happy to try and raise money for a great cause.

Current Sponsorship - $100

Troy Hoad

Rider - 108

Rider - Troy Hoad

Profile - Hoad Carpentry

Age: 26


Hometown:Frankston South

Work for myself as a carpenter play football in winter and party hard in summer!

I just started riding saw the Beach2Border as a big challenge too get me started but also doing something good for charity - so dig deep and sign up or sponsor a rider!!

Current Sponsorship - $0

Beau Dew

Rider - 109

Rider - Beau  Dew

Profile - Carpenter

Age: 26

Girlfriend: Kristy

Hometown: Frankston

Work as a carpenter wear zinc on my nose every day even in winter chicks dig it!

Love my girlfriend Kristy we have a dog together named Indy and I drive a fully sick car!

Peace out..and sponsor me!

Current Sponsorship - $0

Dave Barker

Rider - 110

Rider - Dave Barker

Profile -

24yrs old, 6ft5, 92kg

  A big thanks to Joel for writing my original profile (it scored my first $20 in sponsorship), he always has my back, and that's about all he's gonna see on the bike ride. So Danny come's into work one morning and says he's organising a bike ride to Echuca, like everyone else i thought it was a crazy idea at first, but it's only 220kms and we are having lunch breaks every 50km i'm told.

  I've always loved getting out on my bike and got myself a decent road bike about 4 years ago. I go out on the road with Danny every now and then to check on his progress, he's starting to catch up too! Also started taking RPM about a year ago which is a great training tool, especially in the winter!

  Looking forward to the dinner (my main motivation!) that is going to be provided at the finish line and a great ride with a lot of great people as well as taking on some of cycling's greats, Colin Hoad and Robert Johnston (watch out for these guys)

  On a serious note, this ride is for a REALLY GOOD CAUSE so please click on the link to the right of my profile and send all your money in! or at least what you can afford.

Current Sponsorship - $170

Dave Gray

Rider - 111

Rider - Dave Gray

Profile -

Hi,im 43 years old and enjoy giving things a crack.not a great bike rider ,but for a great cause and good friends to ride with it makes for a ripper event

Current Sponsorship - $0

Tim McNeill

Rider - 112

Rider - Tim McNeil

Profile - "Class Clown"

Tim works part time in the MDA's Day Program (Future's Force) as a personal carer. He also comes to CampMDA as a volunteer carer, clown and all round good-guy.

He has been known to "frock up" at CampMDA...

Tim is a regular cyclist competing at many levels. Legs of steel so watch out guys!!

Current Sponsorship - $0

Peter Magennis

Rider - 113

Rider - Peter Magennis

Profile -

I am a 37 year old athlete, who enjoys the life to the full.  My hobbies include, water sking, cycling. motorbike riding.    I have a tremendeous  life partmer in Janelle with 3 wonderful kids, Jai, Meg & Flynn.  I look forward to the Challenge to the B2B ride and hope to raise some funds for a great charity

Current Sponsorship - $500

Joel Lawrence

Rider - 114

Rider - Joel Lawrence

Profile -

I'm 23, getting married in 6 months to my beautiful fiancè Sasha, going on 18 so i'm in party mode and i will be going a can every 20 kms. What's with the fuss about this ride to echuca, it's not like we're ridin' our pushies up, oh shit wait .... we are. My job is to motivate people to get the best out of them and try and make Danny a little more attractive (if thats even possible), so i'll be rearin' up the back, pushing you guys along, and also trying to scab a lift.. When i go to echuca, i've already booked in for the vet, cause these puppies are sick (i mean my guns)!! See ya at the finish line. 

Current Sponsorship - $340

Rob Johnston

Rider - 115

Rider - Rob Johnston

Profile -

Been riding for 3 years and have improved more than anyone could imagine, got off my training wheels about 3 months ago and i'm rapt with that. I've done a few rides but this will be the big test (220 kms) . I'm married to salleigh WHO HAS A GREAT SET OF CANS and have 3 kids (caitlyn,kyle and darcy.WHAT DID I DO WRONG). I think i should do this ride in about 3.5 to 4 hours as long as i get enough petrol to get me there (what this is on push bikes). I've been Lance Armstrong's training partner for his last 4-5 tours. If anyone needs any tips on how to get through this ride just ring me on 0400401655 and i'll get salleigh to pick you up. On a serious note i think this is a great cause and the more money i raise the quicker this disease will find a cure.

Current Sponsorship - $70

Dean Thorn

Rider - 116

Rider - Dean Thorn

Profile -

I am 39 years old married to Fiona with two children Amber and Thomas. Both Fiona and I are very close friends with Brett and Katrina. We have known them for a very long time. Fiona grew up with Katrina and I played football with Brett and coincidentally we all met further down the track once we started to have families. Late last year they found out that their son Ben has MD. It was a shock to all of us.

When Brett spoke to me about ChallengeMD! I was only too willing to take up the challenge to support Ben and our dearest friends. It will be a personal challenge for me both physically and mentally to obtain the level of fitness required to do the challenge. A challenge that I will look forward to, knowing that by doing ChallengeMD! I am helping in the cause for much needed funds for research and CampMDA. I completed ChallengeMD! 2006 Vietnam for our beautiful nephew Ben and our special friends and hope that a cure is just around the corner.

Current Sponsorship - $60

Jana Kuznik

Rider - 117

Rider - Jana  Kuznik

Profile - Physiotherapist (Southern Health)

I have recently had someone I know diagnosed with DMD and I think this is a good way to try to help and try to make a difference. So Please SPONSOR me.....I shall be asking everyone I know including friends and work collegues to help out and DONATE. so be waiting for the phone calls guys.....

Hope we raise lots of money for MD so hopefully 1 day soon a cure is found.

About me?- done a couple of Ironmans,swims,cycles, and tris so hopefully I'll manage the 220km ..!!

Current Sponsorship - $650

Theresa Credlin

Rider - 118

Rider - Theresa Credlin

Profile - Gym Instructor

I am married to Danny, who wouldn't let me do the ride, until another girl registered....Thanks Jana and Sal!!

We have three kids, Haych 17yrs, BJ 14yrs (also riding) & Jess 9yrs.

I work at a gym in Franga town, as a group fitness instructor (wish I now did RPM!!!) ........not really!!, but would be great training, I s'pose!

I teach pump, balance, & vive classes each week, & sell memberships in between (not a bad job at all!)

I enjoy a social ride each week, not looking forward to so many kms in one day, but should be interesting, and is for a great cause!

I suppose if I can walk 100kms for oxfam, this shouldn't be too much harder!

Hoping for a sunny dry tailwind kind of day!

  Thanks so much for your sponsorship!!

Current Sponsorship - $865

Tim Burfitt

Rider - 119

Rider - Tim  Burfitt

Profile -

I am 38 years old and am happily married to Belinda and have 3 beautiful kids, William, Isabella & Alice.

I am a late starter to this after being talked into partnering Andrew Hartney so it should be fun (did I say fun!)

This is a great opportunity to raise money for research into MD and I look forward to the challenge.

Anyway enough about me, must get training for this ride.....

Current Sponsorship - $780

Marco De-Gregorio

Rider - 120

Rider - Marco  De-Gregorio

Profile - Concretor

40yrs old

I began cycling since 2005 in which I have participated in the Around the Bay challenge each year and enjoy going to Adelaide to follow the Tour Down Under.

  I am a self employed Concretor living in Frankston South with my wife Nicole and 2 teenagers, Emily and Joshua.

When I was asked to particpate in this event I immediately got on board.  This ride is for a very serious cause, therefore any sponsorship would be greatly appreciated to help find a cure for MD.

Current Sponsorship - $510

Salliegh Johnston

Rider - 121

Rider - Salliegh Johnston

Profile - Gym Instructor

I’m 37, married to Rob and have three kids.... 

Through the week I work in a gym, and teach a variety of classes.  I also enjoy riding on the weekend. I just hope I’ve done enough training to get me to the finish line..

Danny has somehow convinced my husband, Rob, and me that this ride shouldn’t be too hard.  Who is he kidding?

Here’s hoping for a great ride for all involved, provide support for a truly worthy cause and enjoy a restful couple of days in Echuca with family and friends.

Along with a few drinks to celebrate our achievement.

Current Sponsorship - $145

Total ChallengeMD! Beach2Border Sponsorship received to date $17,898

Help Make a Difference with your contribution.